Lappy Sleeve

Salam & hi~
3rd entry is about lappy sleeve
It’s requested by AZM a.k.a Aqbarr Al-Imran
He likes the sleeve.. 
(as her comment in FB which i’ll be add below this entry)
This is the photos!

price: RM35

i bought this laptop pouch with my fwen... nang kacak n kemas jahitanny... keep it up .... mun cpa2 mok order brg dr ny... pg ke design blh request... :D

thanks to Aqbarr Al-Imran ;)



thanks a lot for your comments


  1. nak order tapi nak tau cmne dgn proses mghntar dan membayar..suker sgt ^^

  2. hi~
    if u're not in Kuching,
    u can do ur payment via Maybank
    & i'll post it to u ;)
    thanks for asking


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