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alhamdulillah. at last, my giveaway come to the end. terima kasih banyak2 kepada yg menyertai. yg xsempat, sori sgt2..tp jgn risau, sy akan buat giveaway lagi nnt tau! so, sy ada sebulan nak pilih siapa yg akan jd pemenang. just wait and see... i will announce the 3 winners in January 2013! in a meanwhile, i will upgrade my blogshop. header dah letak...and banyak lagi kena upgrade. sorila eh kalau korang dtg sini tgk berserabut sana sini.. will make-up it soon. thanks for visiting here.. and jgn lupa tgglkan jejak korang okayy... thanks skali lagi. ;)


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