salam & hi to all..

it's been a long time not updating my blogshop. but, i'm always updating my Facebook Shop.
hee. don't worry guys! i'll update my blogshop..
how are you guys?
i'm here fine..
just want to share here..
the new items in my BlogShop!
the hottest item in store right now!
the wooden alphabets...
it can be a handphone charm or strap..
or it can be a bracelet
or it can be a nice necklace!
my customers love it!
and the alpha look really nice!
i sell those alpha cheaper than the usual shoplot at the shopping complex u know..
so, u must grab one yours! ;)
the hottest item of the year! hee
here the pictures!

they're nice right?
whoever want to order those items, click here to order! thanks!

Pink.Craft@CraftMerahJambu ;)

thanks a lot for your comments

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