Buttons Hp Charms (10pcs buttons per charm)

salam & hi to all

entry hari ni is about buttons hp charms (10pcs butons in one hp charm) yg d order oleh Ms. Afifah Ahmad from KL.
the price is RM5 each

hope she likes it very much..ni kali ke2 dia order from us

kt sini sy sertakn skali the photos! ;)

kt bwh ni plak yg dh dpacking utk d pos..

anyway, thanks to Ms. Afifah ;)

sesape yg berkenan, blhla order yea..

KLIK SINI utk order ;)


thanks a lot for your comments


  1. nice :) fara ade jugak buat hp charm .. tapi huduss gile !

  2. it's okay fara..we learn right? ;)


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