New Entry About Soft Felties Nametags

salam & hi to all..

da lama x update blog
sgt2 bz & time is limited
entry ni is all about the soft felties nametags
rite now the price is different 

SINGLE SIDE (SHORT NAME) : RM4.00-5.00 each

WIDTH : 3.5cm

LENGTH : standard- 10.5cm / based on ur name

SINGLE SIDE (LONG NAME) :  RM6.00-6.50 each

DOUBLE SIDE (FRONT+BACK) : RM6.50-7.00 each

the price is based on the length of name (alphabets)

kt bwh ni sy update the latest nama yg da siap ;)


SOLD TO matahari, fieza, hani, aelis, difa, ieys'z, eppa, mimi & mak n..

SOLD TO jessie, amanda, eileen, debab, elaine, ju mey, zaireen, t-cee, lina, eyrin, sab & dion..

SOLD TO noor, puteri, sabrina, fatin, wajie, lyda, nurul, narz, mira & iefah..

there's another orders yg xmsk dlm entry ni sbb trs deliver..xsmpt nk ambik photos.sorry yea..

sorry for late guys! sgt2 bz skrg ni...
Thanks For Shopping With Us! ;)
Keep Supporting Us!


thanks a lot for your comments

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